企业新闻 | 2021-01-05

Texting while driving can be deadly. Talking on the phone while walking is also deadly, or at least threatening enough. Researchers at Dartmouth College in America and the University of Bologna in Italy thought it necessary to develop a smartphone app that can make those things safer.驾车时发短信有可能招来性命之忧,走路时打电话某种程度不会可怕,最少这样做到是十分危险性的。来自美国达特茅斯学院和意大利博洛尼亚大学的研究人员指出有适当研发一款智能手机应用程序,让上述事情显得更加安全性。Their Android app uses machine learning and image recognition, which takes place right on your phone to alert you when youre chatting your way right into an oncoming smash-up.他们所研发的安卓系统应用程序用于机器学习和图像识别技术。


当根本性的交通事故将要再次发生时,该程序不会在你的手机上收到警报,警告正在聊天的你。The app uses the outward facing camera on a smartphone to help a pedestrian look both ways (at least one way). Using vision algorithms built into the app, the system determines which way cars on the roadway are facing and whether or not they are moving. Then it takes into account the tilt of the phone and varies light conditions to establish an accurate picture of the roadway. Therefore, it figures out if any approaching vehicle is a threat to the user.该程序利用智能手机的外置摄像头协助行人仔细观察左右两侧的路况(最少是一侧)。系统可以利用程序中的视觉计算公式来辨别路上车辆行经的方向和它们的行经状况。


然后系统将考虑到手机的弯曲程度,调节光线,构成路面交通状况的现实图像,由此推测正在附近的任何车辆否不会对机主导致威胁。The app, known as WalkSafe, can detect cars moving 30 miles per hour at more than 160 feet. While a careless user is on jaywalking and talking on the phone, the app can be very useful. It warns the user via auditory and vibrating alerts before he or she is struck down by a moving car at high speed.该程序被命名为WalkSafe,能观测到160英尺(大约48米)开外的时速为30英里(大约48公里)的车辆。当粗心的机主一旁横穿马路,一旁打电话时,该程序就不会派上用场。

它能在狂奔的汽车撞到上机主之前发出声音和震动示警。Unless a car is coming from another direction, the app can really improve safety. However, its worth noting that despite the cleverness of WalkSafe, you shouldnt completely trust it with your life. Its not meant to replace our common sense and attention.该系统显然能提升安全系数,除非汽车从另一个方向驶向。