企业新闻 | 2021-01-11

Spanish firm OHEA has unveiled its Smart Bed, an electronic bed that makes itself, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报导,西班牙的OHEA公司发售了一款可以自己离去寝具的电子“智能床”。In just 50 seconds two mechanical arms, one on each side and each equipped with a roller, carry the blanket back to the head of the bed. As it approaches, the pillows are lifted on two shelves allowing the blanket to neatly slot in underneath. They are then lowered and the bed looks neat and is completely made.床的两侧各装有了一只具有滚柱的机械臂,仅有须要50秒,两只机械臂就能把毛毯启动时到床头。当毯子向床头移动时,枕头不会被两个架子头顶高举,这样一来毛毯就可以在下面放平。枕头随后被敲下来,整个床就离去好了,看上去很平坦。



What is more, the owner does not even have to remember to turn the device on. A switch at the foot of the bed provides manual and automatic settings. Flipped to automatic, the bed can sense when somebody has just got up and starts making itself three seconds later.更加最重要的是,主人显然需要忘记去打开这一装置。床尾的电源有手工和自动两种设置。叉到自动模式时,只要有人刚睡觉“智能床”就不会感觉到,并且在三秒之后开始离去。